Pedego Rear Rack Battery Contact Replacement


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This is not something the average Pedego bike owner will have to do but I thought I would post it anyway in case it might help others.

I accidentally overheated one of the internal battery contacts on one of my Pedego rear rack batteries. The heat removed the temper of the contact spring metal and it would no longer make a solid connection. It was my fault and not a problem caused by the bike itself. I was using the battery for another purpose at the time with it removed from the bike.


The battery is out of warranty and likely wouldn't have been covered anyway since I caused the problem. Faced with the prospect of having to buy a new $700 battery, I decided to take a chance and open the battery case. This is NOT recommended by Pedego and will void any existing warranty. With nothing to loose, I decided to see if these contacts could be replaced. After some searching, I found these Hailong connectors on eBay which are an exact replacement:

The set includes both male and female connectors. While the female side is installed in the battery case, the male plug makes it easy to tap the battery for other uses if desired.

Some tool and soldering skills are required but overall, the replacement was not that difficult.