Pedego Rentals in Hawaii


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I was just in Honolulu for a few days as the wife had business there. I had been to all of the other islands in Hawaii but never Oahu. I normally golf on these type of trips but this time I decided to forgo golf for the beach and ebike riding. I found a company in Honolulu (Pedego Electric Bikes Waikiki) that rents ebikes and I chose the full size Ridge Runner for $75/day. I was initially concerned about the traffic but found that this powerful ebike made negotiating the admittedly heavy traffic easy . Once out of town, it was really great and I chose Diamond Head crater as my initial destination. It was a really fun ride ( I circled Diamond head 3 times) with unparalleled scenery. The bike made the modest climb to the crater easy but the only way to summit Diamond Head is on foot and that was a workout.

The ability to go 20 mph uphill (with max pedal assist) made getting out town (e.g. traffic) easy and fast. I am now a committed ebiker with 3 bikes on order. Can't wait to get them and will always consider an ebike rental when flying to destinations with good weather, beautiful scenery and open bike accessible terrain.


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I recently returned from Maui and saw quite a few ebikes while there. Sounds like you had great fun.


Last time I was in Maui I thought it would be great to get around on an ebike. It's disappointing that they cost so much more to rent than a car (we rented an older car for $30/day. bikes were at least double that, each). I would love to rent a couple Radwagons with surfboard racks rather than drive everywhere.
Bikes are such a great way to be a tourist, I hope it becomes less of a novelty in the future.