Pennsylvania eBike Regulations *Incl. eMTB


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Pennsylvania officially legalized ebikes in 2014. This happened long before there were class designations. The law is simple, it essentially legalized class 1 & 2 ebikes.

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources continued to ban ebikes from state parks, forests and game land. That included all trails and fire roads used by MTB and snowmobiles. Hunter's were the most vocal group disappointed by this ruling, as many were already using bikes to ride deep into state game land to their favorite hunting spots.

Earlier this year the PA DCNR reversed the ban. This statement was posted on People for Bikes website.

"The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources issued revised guidelines on the legality of e-bikes on Pennsylvania State Forest trails, allowing Class 1 eMTBs anywhere a traditional bike is allowed."

We couldn't confirm this on the state's DCNR website, but they did confirm this on the phone. The regulations have now been updated on the website with the following statement.

Electric Bike (E-bike) Use
Class 1 E-bikes are permitted on approved mountain bike trails and roads, provided they meet all the following standards:
  1. Electric motor less than 750 watts
  2. Fully functional pedals
  3. Weight not exceeding 75 lbs.
  4. Maximum speed less than 20 mph
  5. Does not have capacity to be completely self-propelled (must be pedaled to engage electric motor)
Class 2 and 3 E-bikes are not permitted on approved mountain bike trails and roads in state forests.

The above statement is posted in dozens of places on the state's website for trails on state land. It may take some time before every page is updated. This is a big win for ebikers in Pennsylvania. It might not be everything, every ebiker wants, these things take time. Government often moves slow and cautious. At a time when most federal land is off limits to ebikes and some states are working to ban ebikes from trails, this is very good news.


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Hunters are a vocal group and powerful lobbyists! In my area, snowmobilers have managed to gain access to non-motorized trails - with sufficient snowcover, of course.

I've been picking their brains about how they did this, and it seems to be a "strength in numbers" kinda thang. Unfortunately, eMTBs are few-and-far-between hereabouts - I never see other ebikers on the trails I ride, and I ride a LOT.


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Pennsylvania legislature considers the 3 Class model legislation.

I don't know how far this will go since Class 1 & 2 have been legal on road since 2014. Off road Class 1 were legalized on state land in 2019. County government has the authority on county land and regulations vary. It will be a 2 year process.