Petite older female need help,with choosing E-Bike.


Ride1Up 700 Series Review |
  • A commute-ready ebike with sturdy aluminum alloy fenders and versatile rear rack with triple bungee and pannier hangers, available in two frame styles (high-step and step-thru), two color choices, and ships to the US, Canada, and Mexico
  • Great value given the name-brand components: 160mm Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, Selle Royal comfort saddle, 11-32 tooth 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, high-capacity frame-integrated Retention Rhino battery with Samsung cells, Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires, and integrated Blaze-Lite front and rear lights
  • Lots of attention to detail here, the color scheme looks professional, they included bottle cage bosses on both frame types, the charging port, and battery locking cylinder are mounted high up on the frame, the TFT LCD display is color and is fairly easy to use and adjust with multiple settings, higher top speed of ~27mph makes this a great platform for commuting
  • More assembly required because the bike is broken down to fit in a smaller box... but shipping is very affordable (or free in the contiguous USA), No slap guard or chain guide, basic pedals get the job done but aren't as large or durable, no USB charging ports, step-thru frame only comes in small size, basic two-amp charger takes longer with the high capacity battery
Looks good but I’m concerned about some of the negative experiences I’ve seen posted on the Ride1up forum here. Also the battery seems difficult to remove and put back, which I will have to do because I will be keeping it on a public bike room in my apt (or take my chances with the battery locked?), also annoyed about the kickstand placement! I guess nothing is perfect!


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Ok, so I admit I’m in my 60s, but I practice yoga regularly, often walk 5 miles, bike 10 miles, and last year I took a bike trip in Italy, so I’m pretty fit. I’ve never owned an E-Bike, but I did ride one for a week in Italy on my trip and it was a game changer. My boyfriend has an E-Bike and I’m getting frustrated biking with him, as I obviously can’t keep up! I would like to get an E-Bike but the more research I do, the more confused I get.

Here are some of my questions:

1) folding or not folding? My preference is folding because my bf lives in NYC and loves riding along the river and I’d like to be able to put the bike in the car to join him. From my research I have determined that I would prefer 20” wheels, not 16”. My purpose for the bike is purely recreational, not commuting, so I am looking for comfort. However, even the 20” folding bikes I have looked into don’t seem to be so comfortable. I also read one review that said with the low step through bikes, she couldn’t stop the bike to take a photo because the bike would just fall down (because the bar on the bike was so low). On the other hand, the step through apppeals to me because I am short.

2) size: I’m only 5’0” so I need the bike to be small enough to be comfortable, but also large enough to be comfortable.

3) weight: I found a couple that looked interesting, such as the Tern and and Blix Vika+, but either I’m too short or the bike is too heavy. I’m trying to find something 30 lbs or lighter. Most of the small, light ones have 16”:wheels and I don’t think that would be comfortable enough for long rides. The Vika + has 20” wheels but it’s 56 lbs! I am thinking about the Bike Friday New Tourist, Which also has 20” wheels, but I’m concerned that it looks something like a clown car and I would want to test it first. Not easy, since I live in NY.

4) test ride, seeing bike in person: I live on Long Island in NY and there are pretty much no E-Bike stores here. Some of the bikes I am interested in are built elsewhere. Are people just buying these from internet research sight unseen, without test riding? There are a few stores in NYC but I’m not sure they have the models I am interested in.

It seems from what I’ve seen that most of these bikes are geared toward men..too big and heavy for older short women like me 🥴! Any helpwould be appreciated! I’d like to keep the price under $2k, but would be willing to go as high as $3k if I could find the perfect bike!
Hi. I am in the same position as you. In fact, i could have written what you wrote. What ebike did you end up getting? I am getting so confused and overwhelmed so would appreciate finding out what ebike you purchased and if you are happy with it. Thanks.


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I do not think the batteries on the R1up 700 are difficult to remove and put back. Just release with key. Make sure the frame size will fit. Especially if you want to add a suspension seat post. R1up seems to have good customer service. The Espin Flow is also nice and the 2 inch tires are plenty wide for me. I am used to skinner analog hybrid bike tires. My Espin Sport has the same tires and it is very stable and can handle unpaved surfaces. Wider tires add weight to a bike. The Aventon Pace 350 or 500 come in different frame sizes and they are little lighter. I don't like them because the throttle will not work from a complete stop and because you can not adjust power levels. However the frame may fit you better and if there is a local bike shop near you that sells them you would get local support.