Phantom E9 Fat Track Ebike - Your Thoughts?


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Hi everyone,

Brand new to ebikes, and also new to the EBR community, so please take it easy on me :)

I'm in the market for an ebike around $2,000 USD or less, and came across the Phantom E9 Fat Track.

It's listed at an MSRP of $2,100 on the vendor's website, but sometimes available for $1,600 at Costco.

A guy I know purchased one, and he seems very happy with it, but he's also new to ebikes, thus we're both noobs :) The only problem he's had so far is a very poorly designed kickstand, which often comes loose. In doing research, many other ebikes use this same terrible kickstand. Otherwise, he's thrilled with the ebike.

Assuming it can (eventually) be picked up for $1,600 plus tax at Costco, is this a reasonably good ebike? How does it compare in relation to the Rad Rover, or the Juiced line of fat tire bikes?

Spec-wise, in term of the cons: it's not a 750W motor, it doesn't have a suspension of any kind, no headlight or tail light, no hydraulic brakes, and it only has a cadence sensor, not a torque sensor.

The battery is claimed to be from Sonyo, which is a quasi-reputable brand? Better than a no name battery, I'm guessing. Also, the battery case seems generic, which likely means it can be replaced by another company's cells, if there is a problem down the road.

The ebike is visually stunning, IMHO, and seems to come from a semi-reputable manufacturer (obviously made in China, however), with some sort of legitimate US presence in California, a good thing I'm sure if there's a problem later.

It seems this manufacturer mostly makes gas-powered mopeds, with this ebike being an exception.

Please let me know your thoughts, relative to my $2,000 budget:
  • Bafang 500W rear-mounted Hub Motor
  • 48-Volt 13 Amp Hour Sanyo Battery - Semi-integrated into the frame, isn't bulging out
  • Shimano 9-Speed Hub
  • Shimano Alivio
  • 26″ Alloy Frame
  • Twist Throttle on left side
  • Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes (180 mm)
  • 4″ Wide Kenda Fat Tires
  • Weight 53.3 lbs
  • SW900 LCD Display
  • Cadence sensor
  • Wellgo Pedals
  • Prowheel Suolo Cranks
  • Velo Seat
Thank you in advance!


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Personally, I would buy a name brand bike in the same price range with a 750W hub motor. There are many just search the forum and ERB reviews.


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Probably nothing wrong with it but if you have a problem getting parts might be an issue

my suggestion would be to stick with rad power, juiced, voltbike , biktrix

Those guys have probably been around longer and seem to have pretty decent customer service

also I think the batteries are bigger, some of them have hydraulic Etc


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Thanks for the responses, @MikeDD and @vincent.

I was able to borrow this ebike for the weekend from a friend whom purchased it, and wrote up a fairly comprehensive (although certainly not all-positive) review from a newbie's perspective this morning:



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$2000 for that?

NO! Don't do it, there are much better options. That's too expensive for that spec.


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@Timpo , thanks for the feedback.

can you please recommend comparable alternatives for a Fat Tire bike in the sub-2K range?
I think the biggest problem with that bike is low battery capacity (48V 13Ah) and no hydraulic brakes or front fork.
If I were to price that bike, it would be less than $1500.

Anyways, here are some sub-2k alternative.

VoltBike Yukon 750

Juiced RipCurrent

Eunorau FAT-AWD

M2S All Terrain

RadPower Rad Rover 5

Rize X

Ajit Ravisankar

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Hi, Thanks a lot for your review. I got this bike. Now i lost the user manual. Can i kindly ask if you are able to send a softcopy if you still have one ( scan / pdf). Thanks in advance