Phone issue with Bosch Kiox lock feature


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Hi all

I have two eBikes with Bosch Kiox head units, and I have the lock feature, which as I understood it was to make it so the motor only worked with that specific head unit, and wasn’t about the phone.

A few months ago I upgraded my iPhone and sold the old one, after migrating all my data using Apple’s migration system.

I have been using one of the bikes since then with no issue. Today I took the second one out for the first time since changing phones, had a god ride, but when I went into the Bosch app afterwards to see my ride data I noticed it had not paired to that bike’s Kiox - which is now not showing in my Bluetooth settings.

No big deal, I thought; I’ll just re-pair it. But when I go to put the Kiox in pairing mode it is warning me that it will erase all data (see attached). I am worried the bike will be permanently locked if I proceed. Has anyone had this problem and what happened?


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