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Although I have a Gocycle, which has a very thick handlebar, the two items I talk about should fit normal handlebars just fine. Pictures are attached.

I searched on Amazon for hours, trying to find a suitable phone mount and mirror that would fit the very thick handlebar of the Gocycle GX. I found a phone mount that fits great, and a mirror that I made fit. NOTE: the links are not affiliate links. I get nothing if you buy these items.

For the phone mount, the first requirement was a clamp that would fit the Gocycle handlebar. The second requirement was a mount that didn't obscure the top/bottom or corners of the phone. The third requirement was a mount that allowed the quick insertion and removal of the phone. I really hate the silicon rubberbands that Gocycle gives you.

I found this mount, which meets all of my requirements:

It just fits the Gocycle GX handlbar, on either side of the LED display. You can quickly remove the phone if you want to take it with you. If you are afraid of someone stealing the mount, loosen the thumscrew, and take the mount with you , too.

I bought this mirror:

The mirror was a bit more of a problem. The included metal clamp will not fit the Gocycle handlebar at all. The best I could do was to roll back the left grip, to expose the plastic cover for the Boost button. The plastic cover has a hump on the underside, where the button is, making the use of the bolt for the mirror clamp useless. You may be able to properly clamp it on the right side, if you are in one of those countries.

To secure the mirror clamp around the Boost button housing, I used two nylon wire ties (two, in case one breaks). This is far from ideal, but it will do until I can come up with something better. I'd rather have the mirror kludged on vs getting run over in traffic.

I find it strange that Gocycle gives you no easy way to mount a mirror, especially considering that their ebikes are touted as being city and commuter ebikes. If they had left more of the thinner tubing on the ends of the handlebar, before going thick, you would have had room to mount a mirror on either side.


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