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5 helmets and a jock strap. Oh, it's true, it's true. See the photo. Can you find all 6 items? And to think that the “rack” they are mounted on only cost one thousand seven hundred (plus an additional $100) US dollars. Of course the rack is actually my 2020 BikTrix SWIFT ebike. It has been non-functional as an ebike since Dec 2, 2020 (today is Jan.14,2021--- 44 days later). There may be 3 other threads of mine (Sic Puppy) posted on this BikTrix EBR forum which also relate to this special SWIFT ebike contraption.
However, having the SWIFT incapacitated has not curtailed my daily 50+ mile ebike rides. Why not? Because I am also fortunate enough to have two other ebike toyz. Those toys have always been absolutely flawless in their performance AND dependability. I highly recommend both of them.
The blue bike in the background is a 2018 M2S(brand) KUSH(model) dual-suspension ebike. It arrived on April 30, 2018. There are currently 16,029 miles on the odometer.
The white bike in the background is a 2019 M2S(brand) R750(model) front suspension ebike. It arrived on July 11, 2019. There are currently 7,615 miles on the odometer.
Remember: M2S(brand) if you want to ride it; BikTrix(brand) if you want to just sit around and look at a one thousand seven hundred US dollar helmet/jock strap rack.
Do you notice the message on all of the batteries? Truth-to-power, for sure. I live and breathe that particular message. And, BikTix ebike company is case-in-point.
The backpack shown is used to transport a battery and a hydration bladder. It has also been converted to a sign board of sorts. I have many diverse messages printed out so that I can swap them out as the mood strikes. I am going to print another one. It will have the word “BIKTRIX” and the word “ebike” in the message. I wonder what other verbiage will also be included? Hmm. Hey Roshan, nothing like free advertising. Remember, I do 50+ mile ebike rides everyday. I have had more than a few trail/pathway users stop me and ask about whatever message is displayed. They usually take a photo of it, too. Pretty cool, aye hoser (that word is for you canucks)?
Those two fellas on the background tv screen display are actually undercover sniffers for the Notorious Gangsta Hamster Dawg Pound Posse (you know, sniff-- lick—hump).. They can even spell “DUH”-- on the 3rd attempt. I'm positive those lil' rascals will all take an appearance on this thread in short order. Then, the rest of us can have a good yuck..
Bye the way, I included the jock strap just because I could. Plus, everyone knows that hamsters have no need to wear one .
Enjoy the photo..
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