Picked up an Easy Motion Atom Lynx 27.5 Pro


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What a fun bike. Reading online about the different motors I was afraid that the Brose would be underpowered, but that is simply not the case at all. I ride the whole time in Eco and it has plenty of oomph. On the steep hills I kick it up one notch and it just pulls me right up the hill with minimal effort, and I am only at 50% motor. Just wanted to post this for those doing searches and research, because I came across some threads calling the Brose weak and the Bosch having far more power. The Brose is almost silent and truly feels like an extension of your own legs. I prefer it to the Bosch-powered Trek Powerfly that I rode. Unless you are riding up and over the Rocky Mountains I can't imagine why you would need to put the Brose in 100% boost mode.

A nice side-effect to this is the range as well. I had 90% battery remaining after 10 miles, so I can definitely ride this thing all day long on one charge.



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Yep, great bike for sure. Brose has such a natural feel to it.
A Very well balanced Mt bike. Nice low center of gravity.
When not on the trails, it makes for a great commuter rig.
I threw some moto x tires, kickstand, coffee holder, and fenders for my winter commuting.
Battery still at full capacity .
Lots more Ware and tear compared to non e-bike. After a year and 3500 miles I’ve had only a few issues. Definitely helps to wrench your own bikes.