Picked up my new VoltBike Mariner, turns out it is a 2020 model!


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So I ordered a new Mariner in white a couple of weeks ago, and chose the local pickup option for WA state, which is in Blaine, WA. The new place for picking up bikes in Blaine, WA allows for one to remove the box and packaging and just take home the bike, which is what I did. When I opened the box, I was surprised to find inside a new design. I confirmed with George that it is the new 2020 model!

I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE my new 2020 VoltBike Mariner. The fresh new look is so perfect!! The wheels with blue holes perfectly coordinate with the beautiful new color theme. White bike with silver and blue accents/stripes/logo. Gorgeous color theme! Really liking the sleek new frame too!

I had borrowed my brother’s matte black VoltBike from 4-5 years ago and after riding around, I had to get my own.

This new 2020 VoltBike Mariner includes so many wonderful improvements! Let’s see:

- Sleek new modern frame
- Front suspension
- Comfort grips
- Wiring inside of frame for a clean look
- Wheels with blue holes
- Double-sided chain guard
- Rustproof chain
- Quick release front wheel
- New latch designs
- Large gauge rear rack
- Twist throttle with toggle button
- Tektro brake levers with integrated bell
- Strong mounting points for front rack

The motor seems more quiet than the older VoltBike that I rode. Also, I enabled 0-9 PAS (Pedal Assist) in the settings menu, which adds the zero pedal assist option when desired, loving it. When PAS is 0, the bike is completely silent. Really I’m just thrilled with the the new 2020 VoltBike Mariner and the improvements over the first-generation one.

Thank you George, Bianca, and anyone else working behind the scenes. This is a great bike!



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Welcome to the forum. 😁

Congratulations on your new ride :cool: and wishing you many trouble free miles, be safe it's a jungle out there.
Remember to take lots of pictures from your rides and share them with us.


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A few shots of both Voltbike Mariners side by side touring Westside Road at Mt Rainier national park this past weekend. The Matte black bike is from approximately 2014-2015 timeframe, and the white one is of course the new 2020 model. I took turns on both bikes, and the new one seems to provide more torque at PAS level 1 than the old bike. The old bike needed to be set to PAS 3 for an equivalent pace up the road. Just sharing some initial comparisons.


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Thanks for sharing these. I haven't been able to find a review on the new models anywhere, and the website doesn't show the white version although it is an option. These images helped me decide and I just ordered one.