PIM New Sales Method


The company behind the Polaris e-Bike brand is continuing on in with its own brand; Power In Motion or PIM. The line of e-bikes is nearly the same with improvements in battery, BMS and motor control. Another significant difference is in the sales model. PIM is now using a customer direct sales plan and has reduced the price of their e-Bikes by about $1,000. The Benny (like the Polaris 503 Terrain) is now a $1,495 bike. You can even get a slight discount by contacting me on this forum.

I have ridden a Polaris Terrain for about two years and am now riding a PIM Archer. I have also put one of the new PIM 380 Wh Lithium batteries in my old Terrain with excellent result. The original battery is 264 Wh so the increase is about 40% and in my experience has added about 10 miles of actual range when riding off road in assist mode Negative 1, and 6~8 miles of range in Positive 1.
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