Pivot Cycles Launches the E-Vault Electric Gravel Grinder Road Ebike


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Hi guys, Pivot PR sent me this release earlier tonight and I'm posting here to share. Looks like a cool ebike! I've covered the super compact, lightweight Fazua motors on some of BULLS electric bikes like the Alpine Hawk EVO... and I preferred the Specialized SL motors, as seen on the directly competing Turbo Creo SL EVO. There aren't a lot of options for lightweight mid-drives, you step up into the weak and heavier Bosch Active Line, or the full powered Bosch, Yamaha, and Brose stuff. I think Shimano is doing a good job with compact, lightweight stuff, but they don't offer speed pedelecs like Specialized... Maybe this is why they've been able to raise their prices a bunch this year ;) anyway, here's the press release:

The Pivot Cycles E-Vault is the company's first foray into the carbon dropbar eBike world. The new Pivot Cycles EVault is the most custom ride feeling you can get without actually having to engineer your own bike. Unlike other eBikes, the E-Vault delivers the epitome of a custom ride experience thanks to Pivot’s Ride Tune philosophy, unique carbon layups, hollow core internal molding technology, fully integrated Fazua Drive System that disengages completely so you can pedal without resistance at the push of a button (and without the weight of the entire battery if you so choose), electric shifting and wireless data connectivity.

The E-Vault delivers ISO Flex technology to keep your body positioning optimized while riding, dual-dropped chainstays with ample clearance to put even the widest winter tires on, tight seatstays and progressive modern geometry for precision handling on any path— uneven city streets, primitive gravel roads, rocky pavements or hardpacked singletrack. To keep it true to Pivot's style, this new E-Vault is available in one build only: the top build. An impressively light GRX Di2 with carbon wheels build configuration (the only build offered) priced at $9,999 USD MSRP, weighing in the 29lb neighborhood, and with the battery and drive unit removed is a remarkable 22.63lbs.

But ingredients are ingredients, and the whole E-Vault package offers so much more to the ride experience than just that— The Fazua Drive System and Shimano Di2 shifting are sophisticated wireless elements that make it the most customizable and intuitive ride imaginable, undoubtedly enhancing rider customization and data connectivity. Riders can customize their electric shifting experience, power output, integrate all their personal, fitness and bike data in one spot, allowing riders to extract more performance from their bike than ever before.

What do you guys think? It has been a while since I tried the Fazua, maybe it's improved... I remember the battery being difficult to work with, and it had to be removed from the frame to charge. The control pad for this bike appears to be on the top tube, so you'd have to reach down vs. clicking a button pad on the handlebar while steering? Pivot is known for being at the top of the field with cutting edge designs, hopefully their execution is more refined and the motor is just more satisfying and dynamic than I remember. I do appreciate the multiple sets of bottle cage bosses (below top tube, on downtube, and possibly on seat tube... but that might be a module for the motor controller or something).


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Saratoga Dave

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I guess they‘re not really marketing it as a pure gravel bike, reading the release... my first impression was why the hell did they put a front derailleur on a gravel bike, but they answered that. Ten thousand bucks for a Fazua system though? Compared to something like a Canyon Grail e gravel bike, not so much.

I can’t believe what these things cost all of a sudden! I am SO glad I picked up my spare bike last summer. Now if all this ice would melt I could go ride the thing.