Planning to buy a 2019 Reaction Pro 500 29 inch wheels


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Just wondering if you guys like yours and any other advice you might have.
I was thinking of having the shop install a different stem, so to ride more upright.
I do a bit of off road riding too , but not a lot.I also talked to them about having a rear rack installed.
Is it possible to have an old smart phone installed to indicate speed, battery level etc ?
I would have preferred a nice display in the middle.
Never owned an electric.I do have 3 other bikes though.Why not 4?


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FWIW, I really like the Cube. I'm new to ebikes, not a huge cyclist in general, spent a lot of time researching/reading this forum to make my purchase earlier this year. Finally bought a new 2018 Cube Access Race 500 locally at Seattle Electric Bike and I love it. I haven't put as many miles on it as I hoped thanks to shoulder surgery shortly after I purchased it, but look out 2020 here I come! Good luck with your decision.


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Thank you for replying.Good to know that you like it a lot.I have a deposit on mine and hope to pick it up very soon.
The problem is I won't be able to use until spring.Too much salt on the roads and next week it gets very cold.(-20 C).
Now we are enjoying nice positive temperatures.