Platform Bike Rack for Bike with Fenders


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Not sure if I should buy a rack that grabs the front tire, or a rack that grabs the frame? Can a "grabs the front tire" work with fenders? I have seen some pictures here that looks like it will, but looking for more opinions. My bikes will have the step thru design, so I am concerned about a rack that "grabs the frame" and then I need to use a bike frame adapter. Do some people just shorten the frame so the "grabs the front tire" rack will work?


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I have fenders on two bikes and have a Yakima rack with the hook that goes over the front tire.
It works OK. I adjusted the fenders up as high as they go and I can work the arm under the fender.
They want you to get the hook back against the fork as much as possible, and I can't get it that far back, but its close.

Also the fenders chew up the plastic cover a bit, but it doesn't bother me.


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Thule easyfold xt 2


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