Please consider these safety issues...


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It is a bit embarrassing, mostly cautionary.

It can be easy to think we can pick up somewhat near where we left off. I 'was' always athletic, and assumed that I would pick up riding an ebike, as I had when last rode a bike 15 years ago.

Besides the obvious issues related to not riding for along time, I thought that I had ridden the ebike enough times to feel confident with the mechanics of the bike. The Pedego in particular, is an easy bike to "get".

Sunday we decided to enjoy a good ride on one of our nice trails. A few miles from home I fell, not once, but twice!!
Fell right over onto my right side. My elbow, shoulder, and ankle took the brunt of the impact , but the fall messed with my disc issues.
I am fine, but geezz it hurt :eek: .
Last year I fell twice, the same way.

I now think that I know why, and that's why I am sharing this story (lengthy), because I think that it could point out some potential problems for...

1. My seat was too low, I raised it but not enough.
2. Sometimes when I stop, I forget to lower the gears, and the set pas to 1. (I rarely use 2)

I think that this is what happened, I began to pedal with left foot, but when I tried to push the pedal with my right,
my knee was too high and the gears were set too high.

Together, bad leverage/knee too high, gears too high, I couldn't put enough push into the peddle. With feet on the peddles, I just tipped over!!

Just consider, if you haven't ridden in a long time, are new to ebikes, or have physical issues that might hinder balance or peddling.



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Oh no! That sounds really painful :( . Thanks for sharing, hopefully your story can help someone else (possibly me!).

Hope you heal up super-quick.