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Hi Stefx,

Good info, thanks!

I'm curious about the front chain ring. Does it have any kind of guide to avoid it coming off? No problems going over bumps?

Thanks for any info!


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Also, it has begun to frequently come off the chainring, very annoying.

I have a similar issue with my iGo. If you or the shop find a good solution, I hope you'll mention it here.

It would be good if iGo could tell us how to fix this. I wrote to them, but haven't heard back yet. If I do, I'll share it here.


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Hi Stefx73,

Thanks so much for that info and the pic of the front chain guide. I've been looking for a solution for that for a long time, nice that you included brand and model number info in the pic.

(Are you going to be able to fit the chain guard over that?)

iGo should build a chain guard into the bike design for this common issue with their bikes!

Their chargers are not good. My first one died on first use, and my second one overheats so much that I have to keep a fan blowing on it while it charges -- I only charge it in the open where I can see it, on a fire-resistant floor. Chinese stuff!

That's good info also about the power limitation on motors.

By the way, over time I discovered that you can't really deal with iGo by email. You have to phone and speak to them. E-mails are ignored or replied to very late, but on the phone they act quickly. Your way is even better: show up in person.

Thanks again!

The chain starting coming off again this summer in 2020. The dealer where I bought it (Quilicot Vélo Branché in Montréal) tried to fix it with brackets but no success.
It was finally fixed with a MTB chain guide (see attached pic) by a knowledgeable cyclist from a Facebook ebike Montreal group.

Also, one day I went to a friend’s place and parked bike in his garage. Plugged the charger in the wall and then tried to plug the charger in the bike. There was a spark and the charger was dead afterwards. I had to buy a new charger (90CAD) from iGo.
This was the first time I tried to plug the charger in the bike’s charging port (never doing that again...)

As I picked up my new charger at iGo’s HQ in Montreal, I saw the new Bonaventure. The polite gentleman who was answering my questions confirmed that the Canadian spec Bonaventure has the same physical motor as the US spec (750W nominal) but it’s limited to 500W nominal by the controller (albeit he did say that the speed limit can be unlocked). He also confirmed I can’t get a US spec Bonaventure in Canada. Too bad. Not getting one.