Please help me choose a bike!


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Hi I've been browsing for a long time and recently have been looking for a bike, I've found these two which both look great to me but I can't decide if I'm better with this bike which has a 750w rear hub:


Or this one which has a 350w 8fun mid drive, my area is very flat but it seems some people recommend a mid drive anyway but everything I hear is mixed,


I would be using the bike for mostly commuting but I do like to be able ride a bit rough and bump up the curb still, would a 350w mid drive be powerful enough?
Should I not get either of these bikes? I'm not great at building things like that and it seems it would cost a lot more by the time I buy a battery,bike and motor? Sorry for all the questions

Edit I have a budget of £1000 but could also get a carrera sulcata with a bafang bbshd motor for £1200 if that's really, really worth it?
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