Please help to electrify my Mojo...


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Hi guys,

I need to electrify my Mojo HD. The problem with the bike is that its frame does not have straight lines, I can't go hub motors and I can't have the battery on a rack, since it will just fall off on aggressive riding, not to speak the additional weight on the rear, which messes the bike.

It means I have to have it mid drive and to figure out how and where to install the battery. Ego kit is the ideal solution, but it's waaaay out of the budget, plus the battery in the backpack on the back is a problem, since the bike suppose to work for my wife, who's pretty tiny lady, and I can't just load her with 6 additional kilos...

The best option I found till now is 8Fun BBS01, but I'm fairly new to the whole e-Biking, so I'd be grateful if somebody will take me through this jungle... Is this a good motor, is BBS02 better, are there any other options?

Which battery to choose for 8fun and how would you install it on this frame? The bike in the photo is not mine, but mine is almost the same.



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Get a Bafang BBOS2 mid-drive motor, and mount the batter to the underneath part of the down tube. You might have to do some welding for a neat clean look, or you can custom build a center bag to the dimensions of your bike and fit the battery in there. YouTube custom build bike bags or panniers, and DIY build bike bags or panniers. Just to start you off, I searched for this:


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Thank you, after reading a lot I was going back and forth between bbs01 and bbs02.

Welding is not an option, since it's a carbon frame, so I have to do a good use of the link you gave me to figure out how to attach the batteries.

Now which one to get - 350W, 500W or 750W? Which one is the most reliable and won't drain the battery fast?

Which battery is a good pair for this motor?

Is it OK to purchase the motor on ALiexpress, I also read a good feedback about Paul from em3ev, but he's more expensive?

Thank you for answering and Merry Christmas!