Please help with Sabvoton controller settings


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Hello everyone!
First post on here excited to join :)

So I did my first test ride with the Sabvoton controller. Everything went smooth and I picked up about 10 mph over my controller that came with the kit. I did notice the motor was pretty hot when I got done riding. My hub motor is 48V 1500w and the battery is 48v 50a Bms.

Can someone please help me with the settings with my controller because I’m completely a noob at this and I don’t want to blow anything up. The only thing I’ve adjusted is the cut off voltage and the continuous current and boost current but I’m sure there’s more I need to adjust. Any help would be much appreciated!!

*What is flux weaken? I read somewhere that this can cause the motor to run hot. it sounds like it provides extra current maybe for more acceleration or TopSpeed but I’m not sure.
* how do I make my throttle more responsive? I’ve read some posts people say modifying the magnet placement inside the throttle. Or can this be done by changing some settings?
* Rated phase current and max phase current? Can someone please explain this to settings.
* how do I increase the acceleration?? Can this be done in the settings or does that really have to do with the RPMs of the motor? I’m in the market for a 72V battery but I wanted to test this controller out with the 48V first.
* please note I am a complete noob at this!! That being said I have done lots of research and have learned a lot over the past few months.

thank you in advance for any help!!


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