Please reassure me that it’s worth spending the extra on a Riese and Müller bike!


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Hi - I’m thinking about buying a Nevo 3.

My problem is that I’ve been riding my wife’s Cube Touring Hybrid Exec 2020 step through for several months and quite frankly, it’s hard to fault and retails at £2,500 (in fact we got it discounted for £2,200!). The components on the Cube seem to be as good if not better than the Nevo. I am though, in love with the look of the Nevo and I am prepared to pay for quality ( the only fault I can find with the Cube is the easily chipped paintwork).

i guess I’m just looking for reassurance that the significant difference in price is worth it. Why do R and M bikes cost so much? Any thoughts gratefully received!




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