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Had a question about my upgraded 850C (DPC14) display on the VoltBike Yukon. I have last year model with HW version E2.1/ SW Version 1.0A-V2 the newest one pictured below with color settings menu has HW version E2.3/ SW Version 2.0A-V2. Looks like the only thing confirmed different is the Auto Light Sensor works now. Unsure about Start Mode or other changes yet, I am not updating to the latest.

Ok now to my questions. First off it does not appear that the Start Mode does anything when you change from PWR to ECO, shows in the manual not available on all e-bikes. If anyone knows what I should be looking for if it did work?

Poles in Motor – This the most confusing. If you think it is the number of magnets inside the motor (which is 6) for speedometer readings all is great, I have it set to 6. Now if you think it is poles in the motor which is 20 or 10 pairs than the setting should be 10. The setting can be set from 1-10. Do not think it has anything to do with cadence sensor because that would be 12 on most bikes. Does anyone know for sure? I have tried both 6 and 10 but cannot tell a difference at all. Maybe those settings do nothing.

Start after Poles – This can be set from 1 to 3. Again I cannot tell difference between 1 and 3. All seems the same to me. Motor starts after about a half way around pedal or six magnets on the cadence sensor. Any ideas? Again maybe it does nothing.

List of settings between old and new, did not list everything.

APT 800S DisplayAPT 850C Display (DPC14)
S7 - (km/mile) Default was kmSystem - Metric/imperial
bL1 - backlight brightness display (3)Brightness display (3)
OFf - auto time(min) display off (5)Auto Off - auto time(min) display off (5)
W d - wheel diameter (28) FATTIREWheel - wheel diameter (28) FATTIRE
bU0 - voltage set (48V)Battery - voltage set (48V)
PSd - password (1919)Password - password (1919)
SPL - speed limit (45km)Speed limit - speed limit
CUL - MAX Current Limit set (default 15A)Current Limit- MAX Current Limit set (VoltBike Controller set 15 max)
HAL - Magnetic Pole numbers of speed sensor, six magnets inside motor.Poles In Motor - Magnetic poles inside the motor, range 1~10
ASs(AS5) - 1-15 (default 12) # of Cadence magnetsStart after Poles - 1 or 2 or 3 speed sensor
Hd6 - sets the throttle to 6km/h; 1=ON, 0=OFF (default 0)Throttle 6km - sets the throttle to 6km/h; 1=ON, 0=OFF (default 0)
HdP - toggles the throttle power level to match the PAS level. 1=ON; 0=OFFThrottle Level - throttle power level to match the PAS level. 1=ON; 0=OFF
PAs - levels of assist (set to 0-9 default; 1-5)Assist levels - levels of assist (set to 0-9 default; 1-5)
Start Mode - STD or PWR or ECO



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Wanted to mention one more thing. On a KT-LCD3 they have a P1 settings that may be somewhat related to "Poles in Motor". Think for the P1 you just take gear reduction which is 5 multiplied by magnets in motor which is 20 that gives you P1 setting of 100 (common on the hub motor). Maybe this display does not make you do math and you just put in the magnet pair total which is 10. So confused. Any insights would be appreciated.


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Nice report, thanks. Are you able to read watts now?

I have a display fetish and change mine on most of my bikes, when I tried switching to the same display you did the cable fittings wouldn't work, the ones that came on my Voltbike are the opposite male/female relationship that any of my other displays use. KT displays are by far the best IMO.
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Everything has worked since day one including watts. Main reason for change was to see voltage on main screen but really like the look overall. Speed on top and the watts show on bottom. Would be nice to know what the Poles mean for sure how APT is using them with the Bafang motor. I still think it is the speed sensor magnets inside the motor. There was one little magnet inside a couple of years ago and now they have six which lines up to the setting being one in the past. It does not seem to make any difference when I adjust from 1, 6 or 10 Poles in Motor. A guy over on the Yukon Facebook page selling the 850C with the new Version 2 Software if interested. I have the KT display on my other two bikes, yes much better adjustable settings. They new color KT is out now, not sure I like the look of the display. They did put all the settings on one screen so much easier to adjust and see how everything is set at a glance.


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Just found a third definition of Poles in motor. Now it should be 4, 6 or 10. Anyone want to take a guess (I am not sure so all answers will be correct at this point)?
  • Poles in motor: 4 - magnetic poles inside the motor, divide this by gear-ratio in motor, which is 5, e.g. 20/5=4 poles


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Not sure if the below is correct or not, seems wrong to me because all Bafang systems do not use poles statement. Anyone with the DPC14 (same or similar as 850C) that want to chime in on this questions (thread). Still sounds like it just does not matter and does nothing but would be nice to know. If no more responses I will just drop this.

Display manufacturer (was not named) over in the FaceBook VoltBike Yukon responded to a email question:

"Our default setting of magnetic poles is one. If you are using Bafang system, their protocol do not care about how many pcs of magnetic poles ."