possible damage to trek ride + w/ bionx motor


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hello, i just bought a gently used trek ride + fx. i had to drive 2 hours to get to it, and my only means of picking it up was a utility trailer. when i loaded the bike, it was on it's side, at an angle and cushioned by blankets. the weight was on the seat post. i didn't tie it down for bouncing, i was thinking it might fly out (stupid, i know). so i had straps covering the bike, but not lashing it down.

i tie down the bike, drive off and the 1st bump, the nearly empty trailer bounces and so does the bike. i slow down but the next bump, same thing. i stop and tie it so the bike does not bounce, it is lashed down now.

upon taking it off the trailer, i hear a small "ticking" sound from the rear. it's not the ticking of the gears, and it did not happen before i bought the bike. i did it. dammit. the bike rides fine, i just hear the sound when i roll the bike.

any ideas what i messed up? does the motor fit over an axel that can be replaced? or does the axle come w/ the motor? maybe the rear wheel is not true any more? i'd like to get an idea of what i did before taking it anywhere.

thanks for any help you can offer.


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When you were laying the bike over (which you shouldn't do, but you know that now:)) did you have the rear derailer up? If it's out of line it can make the chain rub.


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I would check all the spoke nipples, one may have come loose from the rim.. easy to check.

Is there a spoke magnet on either wheel, that's used for the speedo? It might have rotated into something.

Are the spokes rubbing together?

Is the wheel still centered in the frame?

Flip the bike over and pedal it manually (assuming this tick is coming from the rear wheel) and let it spin.

Does it make the sound if you're pedaling or whenever the rear wheel is spinning?

Does the sound only happen once per revolution of the Wheel?

Does the sound get louder the faster you spin the wheel?

Is it a metallic sound?

Is it louder on one side of the bike than the other?

Could your valve stem be moving?

Do you have reflectors on the wheel?

Is there a plastic disk between the spokes and gears?

If you can't figure it out post it up on you tube and provide a link


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i've looked at each spoke and nipple, all seems well. no speedo on the wheel. no reflector. valve stem is stable. seems the same loudness on both sides. i'll do the other mentions, but i made two short vid, here are the links:
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists) and (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

hearing it like this, it sounds like a bearing maybe? i don't know what i'm talking about. it would be super crazy if i effed-up the motor w/in the first few minutes of ownership. i'm sure as hell not buying a new motor...


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I'm sorry Marc, but all I hear is the normal pawl and ratchet sound coming from the freewheel. "click click click click"

If you turn the bike upside down and pedal it, maybe the sound you're hearing, assuming it isn't the freewheel pawl, will be more obvious.


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thanks, joe, for listening! i'll take it to the shop, i know they are skilled, but i doubt they've dealt with these bikes much.

do you know if bike shops, like car shops, have standard guides for repairs, like what the steps are and how long a typical repair takes?


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well, i took it to a trek dealer, they'd never seen these e-bikes before. they sat on it for 3 days, and called trek. trek said something was loose inside the motor, but since it works, they believe it'll continue to do so.

i lucked out. still have the noise, but no repair costs. yet.