possible solution for 1UP rack with fenders


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i have a 1up rack and just bought an easy motion street
front fender is fine but rear set up is not working well

purchased the cushion for fenders from 1Up but still not so great
so i ordered the wheel savers to see if i can push it up under the fender where the cushion will hit, think this will work
and it should be easy to put a velcro strap on the wheel saver so it will stay in place- if it even needs this
it seems to just slide up perfectly under the fender and give it support

super hot here in az right now, but planning to haul the bike tuesday and will give more feedback on this

may not work for all fenders but might work for some
also the street tires are pretty thin and plan to put a wheel saver on the front tire to hold it better

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A quick tip. When we transport fendered bikes we loosen the rear fender supports (two bolts in most cases) and lift the fender slightly to seat the arm directly on the tire. Works well and only takes a few minutes to refasten the rear fender supports.


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i tried that and for this one it did not seem to work, but i already had that cushion on there, maybe if it wasnt it would fit under...

another thing i plan to do is try a fat tire spacer for the rear , this arms are super close to my rear light and rack, hoping i can move them away some

if this works tuesday i will take pics and post them etc


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86 what bikes do you have that you can do that with? do you have any pics of them on the rack?


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the wheel saver up under the fender on my easy motion street seems to work well
i use the cushion to tighten it down and this set up seems pretty solid, the saver stays in there fine without any kind of strap

bought a few of the wheel savers and have to say think they keep the bikes more stable even if i cannot tighten down a lot
used them today hauling the 20 inch prodeco and they seem to help, especially where i could not push the arm up high because of the battery rack

that is the one thing i dont like about this rack, kind of hassle to move the spacers up and down when hauling different size tires, wish there was some kind of quick release for those but guess that would not be stable
havent used a thule or yakima but thinking adjustments are probably quicker

other than that i love the rack, very solid on the car and the bikes ride solid on it