Possible to Add a Rohloff SpeedHub & Belt Drive to a Juggernaut 1000?


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Hi all,

I recently got a Juggernaut Ultra 1000, and while it's been fantastic, I'd love to add the simplicity of an IGH and belt drive to it. The Rohloff SpeedHub seems like a great option since it can handle the torque, has a huge gear range, and it's compatible with a belt. I'm very mechanically inclined, but I'm new to working on bicycles, so all the different options and terms have been a challenge in figuring this out.

Rohloff SpeedHub (with or without a belt):
Cycle Monkey has an "XL Fatbike" version, which I imagine would be suitable for the Juggernaut, but there are quite a few options to select:
  • Axle Size:
    • Options are "10 x 170mm" or "10 x 190mm".
    • Based on the specs listed on the Biktrix website, it looks like the 190mm option is correct.
  • Axle Type:
    • The options are "Threaded", "Quick Release", or "Through Axle".
    • The quick release is the only option available in 190mm spacing, so this seems like the right choice.
  • Rohloff Axle Plate:
    • OEM2 is the only available option with the 190mm quick release. Will this work?
  • Rohloff Gear Mehanism:
    • External is the only option. This seems like the correct choice based on the description (compatible with disc brakes)
  • Spoke Count:
    • Options are 34H and 36H. Based on the Biktrix website specs, 36H is the right choice.
  • Other Req'd Accessories:
    • It seems like I'll need a Speedbone and probably a chain tensioner (if I go with a chain vs belt). Is that right? Is there anything else I'd need?
    • Would I need to do anything special with the shifter cables?

Belt Drive:
  • The Juggernaut does not have a split frame, so I realize "normal" belts won't work, but Veer makes a "split belt" and a "Rohloff Rear Sprocket Replacement" that makes it seem like this could work.
  • My only concern would be belt tension. Veer recommends at least 8mm of horizontal adjustment in the dropout to tension the belt. Would the Biktrix frame accommodate that?
Even if the belt drive won't work, I'm still interested in the Rohloff with a chain, so those questions would still stand.

Thank you!


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You need a split in the seatstay to feed the belt through with I'm pretty sure you are lacking and will have to go with a chain.

You can get a singleator to keep chain tension with horizontal dropouts.


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I appreciate the feedback JRA. I know what you mean about the split seatstay, but the Veer split belt I mentioned in my post is a good workaround for that issue. The belt splits like a chain and is then riveted back together with pins for assembly.


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Thank you for bringing up the Veer split belt, this is a very interesting find!
If you are worried about the belt tension, you can always add a tensioning wheel as they show in the video.


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Depending which year of Ultra 1000 you have, you might have QR or thru-axle...

My 2019 is Quick-Release (190 QR), but I think the newest Ultra 1000s are thru-axle (so are the Ultra FS and Eagles).

197 x 12mm would be the correct TA format I believe.

Also, you'll need to find a front pulley for 130 BCD but that shouldn't be too difficult.

Still the challenge remains of belt tension, and that's rather important.

If it were me, I'd make a tensioner pulley using a rollerskate wheel to tension the belt without trying to do it at the dropout (which won't be possible at all on a thru-axle!)


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I agree! Simply prefer everything about 12-speed derailleur (weight savings and balance vs IGH, latest chains are ultra-strong, gloriously smooth shifting, loads of gear range at 454% on 11-50)

That being said, everyone has different priorities... I clean my chains weekly and have switched to hot wax, and spend hours every week on bike maintenance for our two daily drivers. Lots of riders would prefer little to no weekly maintenance, which is where the IGH and belt will reign supreme!