Post pics of your Stromer here


My best friend has this sweet Stromer St1 Platinum (which I get to ride sometimes :) ) that I had to share with you all. Which got me thinking, why not make a thread for all the Stromer riders on here to share their setups.
Here are some pics I took of "Batman's Stromer ST1 Platinum"

rear-led-light-st1-platinum.jpg ergonomic-grips-stromer-bike.jpg custom-stromer-st1-platinum.jpg topeak-defender-electric-bike-fenders.jpg custom-stromer-st1-electric-bike.jpg

Here are a few more of the bottom bracket, chain rings and drive system

dirty-chain-rings-stromer-electric-bike.jpg direct-drive-motor-stromer-ebike.jpg shimano-sora-cranks-stromer-st1.jpg bottle-cage-pump-battery-door.jpg

Here are some shots of the lights and the display

dual-headlights-stromer-ebike.jpg led-light-stromer-electric-bike.jpg seat-bag-rear-light-stromer.jpg backlit-display-stromer-st1-platinum.jpg


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I think my two favorite parts are the nice bigger tires and the dual headlights. My two least favorite parts of any Stromer are the weight and the price!


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Awesome pictures! I love the DeFender front and rear fenders from Topeak, they look perfect and seem to cover the wheels pretty well as far as aftermarket hardware go :)

The dual light setup is awesome and it looks like he has aftermarket ergonomic grips as well? The carbon weave bottle cage looks nice... This is why I always call out when ebikes don't have bosses for water bottle attachments... Even with the downtube battery I love that Stromer comes standard with them.


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Looks cool, but I don't understand.
What is the purpose of this mod?
I have a seat like this on my mountain bike because it's really useful to lower your seat when doing more technical riding (logs, drops, jumps, etc) then just raise the seat back to its normal position when back on level ground.

Don't see the point on a Stromer but maybe DDub takes his Stromer mountain biking. Now that's hardcore!


This bike does go offroading, videos to come soon.
Mostly it is street driven and my friend says that its perfect for stop and go traffic. He is tall and instead of stopping on the tips of his toes at a red light. He can drop the seat down and sit comfortably with his feet flat on the ground.
Where we live has a lot of hills in town. When going downhill he finds it easier to lean back, drop the seat and get his center of gravity lower.
Also its very cool looking