power percentage support


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I was wondering how exactly the support of the motor of the stromer works in order to save battery. In position 1 for example, the manual says that it supports 150%. So the motor gives 150% of the power I give. So does that mean that if I pedal really hard in position 1 the motor also uses much more energy? So it would actually save battery to put the support in a higher position and work a bit less? Does this make sence?


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I believe your logic is vaid but it doesn't work that way because of the amount of trade off for upping the power unless you are say a professional and have that much power in your legs.

My general rules on my Stromer for saving battery

Lowest power setting necessary for desired speed , even more so up a hill.
The faster I am pedaling and still feel some back pressure on the pedal the least battery I use
The arrows on the display show when you are using the most power, I watch them.
Recoup when you can, don't let the brake pads contact the wheel when you should be using regen only