Power pulses from start with throttle only


I have a Magnum Low Rider that when I ramp up to speed, say to 6 or 7 mph, it constantly pulses. It does this only when using the throttle. If I'm peddling, it's a pretty smooth rise. But peddling leads to too fast a start for me, so I'm feathering the throttle up but it sure makes for an unpleasant start. I've brought this up with Magnum and they seem to be working on it but so far no solution has been forthcoming. Remember: this is only while using the throttle.

Any thoughts?

Here are two videos where I believe you can hear what's going on.

Oh, and once I get past 10 - 12 mph, the pulsing goes away.

(and, by contrast, here's my girlfriend's ride1up, which exhibits no such issues:


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Junk software used in the controller - or possibly a bad controller? I'd ask them to replace it to see if they are all like that, or just the one you have. NOT acceptable.....

"Working on it" - give me something that will work until you find a solution!

Make and model of your bike's controller, or maybe a pic of the controller data plate?


thanks for the speedy reply!

the controller is a das-kit ct5-i5. here's a few pics. looks very plug-and-play and very easy to replace. think i should suggest they send me a new one?



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FWIW, this same issue occurs on my Pedego when moisture gets into the throttle connector where it joins the wiring harness. 30 seconds with a hair drier on each half of the connector is all it takes to clear. The trick is to keep the moisture out.

It could be something completely different in your case though.