Power, Range, and Price (Zero MC)

George S.

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I think Zero is slowly reaching down, in price, as the price of batteries drops. This is a motorcycle with great specs for speed and acceleration. It costs less than some Haibikes, at $8500. The range is OK. As a city commuter, you could certainly keep up with traffic, and handle a reasonable commute at street speeds, not freeway speeds. The range collapses as the speed increases. It goes 0 to 60 in 4 seconds.

This is a small 3 kwh battery. With a 45 mile range, it's around 65 watt hours per mile. I can get a mile in 10 wh, so 6 times the range, but at much lower speeds. A speed Pedelec might need 30 watt hours per mile, at 30 mph.

I don't know if the 45 mile range is a huge disadvantage for city use. You might be able to charge at work. Overall, this bike shows what lower cost and high capacity batteries will do for electric cycles. It will make them faster, with more range, at better prices every year.




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I've been watching Zero develop over the past 10 years or so. They are really getting there now IMO. E bikes are great, but they aren't up to riding IN traffic in most situations. (JMO as a long time bike path guy only).
Tires especially are just way too flimsy for 40mph and braking at those speeds. (relative to motorcycle tires and brakes).
I hadn't seen they'd come out with anything that cheap............ tempting.

Polaris (huge) bought Brammo so they are doing some big things now, but will probably be on the high end of the market.