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Hi gang.

I'm trying to wrap my head around power requirements needed. WW offers a really high powered, tunable motor, but I'm trying to determine what I really need. Confession, I'm new to e-bikes, this will be my first purchase, and I'm on this forum because I recognize the quality and customer service offered.

In doing some research tonight, I've discovered that my city's steepest hill is at 11.4% grade. This hill is three blocks away and one that I would deal with weekly. I'm buying the bike as a car replacement, but don't want the bike to do all the work for me. My test rides have been in Bosch and Brose powered bikes (Class 1), and appear to be more than adequate.

My question to you nice people is: what is a reasonable configuration for me? Would I be totally covered by the stock 750w (offered on the UCPro) or do I really need 3000w of power? Let me be honest, I'm not going more than 30 miles in a day (that would allow me to go back and forth to each quadrant of DC 16 times), and am likely going to go maybe 7-10 miles at best. I like speed, but want to be safe and stable (the dogs depend on me!).

You all have been super informative and incredibly incisive in your posts, so would appreciate the honest feedback.

My best,

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rich c

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A 350 watt Bosch is all I need. I'm 67 years old and weigh 255. Legs are in good shape, I've ridden almost 10,000 eBike miles. I have a couple steep hills on my routes and can get up any of them at 8-10mph. I don't know the grade of the worst one, but have reached over 41mph going down. That's for me, no idea for you.


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750W should be fine. Just make sure you get the new controller as it will make for a smoother more refined / efficient motor. Keep in mind if you get the 2300W (3000W peak) version you can tune it back to 750W but If you get the 750W version you can't tune it the other way (not that it will likely matter to you).


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It has been written very extensively on this site, it's less about the watts and more about the nm, and the WW crushes it with it's Ultra G510 Bafang, soon to be super tuned to make it even better.
If you want to conquer graded hills you need at least 120nm on a mid drive, this motor has 160nm.
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