PR 2 Error on Remote


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Anyone else come up with this error?

Just randomly happened one day after a charge - was working fine during the day, charged up to go to work that evening and battery lights flashed remote error and screen displayed PR 2 0%.

I can disconnect the remote and the bike works fine.

I have taken to dealer, they installed a new remote unit and still the same error. Still waiting to hear back from Specialized as to what the issue is.

Bike if Turbo 2015 base model, ridden approx 4000km, bought October 2015.



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Alright, error resolved by the installation of a new remote unit.

So for anyone else that might come across this error, the remote somehow got stuck in programming mode via a software/hardware bug. The unit can be reset but it needs to be sent to Europe or the states, so specialized just sent another remote under warranty {Im in Nz}.

Great service by the LBS and prompt figuring out and response by specialized, nice to have the support or a big and trusred manufacturer.