Preference ?? - Would you prefer a "quiet click-less" freewheel?

Preference ?? - Would you prefer a "silent click-less" freewheel?

  • Silent

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Click noise as is common now

    Votes: 3 75.0%

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Ken M

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I'm just wanting some feedback from ebike riders if they would prefer a rear IGH / derailleur to have a silent free wheel or one that clicks as is standard in the industry.


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I like them quiet but it usually costs. my DT-swiss is a little noisy but not a big deal. I had Chris King and it was loud. some of the higher end hubs are really quiet. but that will only work on a mid drive. the Shimano hubs can be pretty quiet. the one only my trek is. but overall it doesn't really matter unless you coast a lot.


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I don't coast that often. When I do I'm riding downhill and the wind noise covers the clicks soon. I have shimano 8 speed (made in ****wan)


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degree of clicking / buzzing seems highly variable.

i have four rear wheels currently (three bikes)

one is, i think, completely silent (sturmey archer IGH)
one is sometimes nearly silent, sometimes clicks a bit. (roval terra clx, DT swiss ratchet EXP)
one is always noticeable but rarely objectionable (DT swiss R470)
one is generally pretty loud, noticeable always and sometimes annoyingly so. (roval alpinist CLX II, also DT swiss ratchet EXP)

most of the time i’d prefer them to be silent. it’s useful that they’re not on paths and crowded bike lanes where you naturally slow down before passing and that gives the person you’re about to pass a little BZZSZZT warning. i try and pedal for most descents, but when i’m not, the buzzing kind of kills the vibe.


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depending on the setup fresh grease can kill the sound. but dont try that on the dt-swiss new setup it causes endless amounts of problems.