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1. If we were to select 3 remarkable electric cargo bikes which ones should we get? 2. same question

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Antonio Suarez

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My name is Antonio Suárez, I head a Mobility and green infrastructure lab at UNAM university in Mexico City.

Part of our work is to select few electric bikes to test in order to develop future electric bike share systems including bike strategic design characteristics which later could fit in to existing industries to later start manufacturing, we need to think on urban and cargo mobility needs for Mexican cities also including strategic partnerships with industries, bike builders, and other which can help to kick off electric bike share in country

Some few questions to the forum:

1. If we were to select 3 remarkable electric cargo bikes which ones should we get?
2. same question for urban bikes which later main characteristics could become part of an electric / Hybrid bike share system.
3. Which would be a reliable US supplier for this willing to open markets abroad ?




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Bienvenido. My wife is a graduate of UNAM.
I don't have experience with them but Yuba seems to be big in electric cargo bikes. I saw them at an e bike expo and they were popular with the attendees. As for bike share, I see these Zagsters all over my downtown area but they are not electric. I have to wonder about the cost/feasibility of electric bikes used for bike share (seems an expensive option given the maintenance requirements, theft etc).


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Check out this company:

Really hard to beat for the ultimate in a utility trike with E-Assist.

For the every-day E-Bike, also check out a vendor selling the Bafang BBS02 or BBSHD as they will convert 99% of bicycles out there to a very versatile E-bike.

I really like Luna Cycles version, they have a good product at a great price including all the rest you need in the kit including battery.

Avoid converting the typical "adult tricycle" as in something similar to a Schwinn Meridian, as they are VERY unstable while turning, even at pedaling speeds.

Tricycles such as those made with smaller wheels to keep the center of gravity low like a good Worksman Cycle would make a good trike to convert however, as they have 24" or even 20" tires while keeping the riding position very standard.

I prefer a more recumbent style of seating, but that will definitely increase costs, and I would also avoid the typical "tadpole" style recumbent that is very low to the ground for lack of visibility in traffic.

I ride something of a "semi-recumbent" stretched cruiser, and if I need to haul cargo, I bring a trailer.