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With the priority bicycle using a 3 speed internal hub, and the gates carbon belt drive system, I'm just curious if there's a way, other than using a front hub, to turn this bike into an electric bike?

And would it be worth it?

@Chandlee EBS


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That's a great looking bike, Kaldeem! Why not add a 350w geared front hub on the bike with a bottle battery and call it a day? You'd be riding a quick and inexpensive, quality build in short order. @George S. recently built a front hub bike and his reports have been very positive. So much so I'm considering doing the same for a "friends and family bike". I have a Raleigh Detour 4.0 just sitting around doing nothing, so what's an ebiker to do.... electrify it!

George S.

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Ann M.

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@J.R. 's got the right idea; that Priority bike is nice sleek simple design so no reason to overpower it. Maybe 500 watts max. Keeps the whole setup simple. Front hub motors handle a little odd if you're used to a typical road or city style bike, but as a commuter bike, it would work. Different style ebikes for different applications--we should all have a small herd of ebikes! :D


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Thanks guys! I really like the look of the priority bike, and I had never thought of using a front hub motor until earlier today... so I wasn't quite sure if it changed the dynamics of riding. I assume it must be like front wheel drive car?

What are some good front wheel hubs @George S. ?


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So other than the 350w Dillenger front hub and the Mac one on Em3ev, what are some other front hub motor brands/ names I can look at?


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I think the mac has a great rep, also I believe Golden Motors Magic Pie offers a front hub/wheel with a good rep and price.

Ravi Kempaiah

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As a bicycle, it looks elegant but is it designed for additional stresses from the motor?
Are the welds strong enough? and are the brakes robust enough?

I think you're better off buying a turn-key bike than converting unless you're super handy with DIY.

Jason Rostro

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If you want to get more speed I think going with a friction roller drive is your best option.

I am considering doing this with my Priority Bicycle for added speed especially up hill.

These electric systems are easy to install and use on any bike and can easily be use on many bikes and don't require any changes of bike components.

It just adds to the bike without sacrificing anything and gaining incredible speed and up hill with ease and no sweat.

These friction roller drive kits are basically an electric roller that rubs against the wheel created friction which then makes the wheel move and the faster you peddle the faster you go.

It gives you super human bionic speed.

Here is one friction roller drive kit from a company called
add-e: Simply add electricity to YOUR bicycle

Don´t buy a new e-bike. Instead, transform your existing bike into a powerful e-bike within seconds

Here is the link to add-e with video pictures and description

I hope this helps you out.

If you use this option I would like to have an update to see how you are doing liking it and your experince.

Well enjoy and have a great day.

Hope to hear from you