Pro bike cover, also covered up truck tail lights


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Are you just sitting the rack in the bed of the truck? If so, how is that any different from just standing the bike up in the bed, with no rack?
Yes, the rack just sits in the bed. It provides a very stable platform so the bike is up right, not resting on the frame or pedals etc. and it is very stable from tipping over.
If you just just stand the bike up in the bed, whats to keep it from tipping over on every turn?
An update...from Pro Bike....they contacted me, said they were very sorry about my issue with the cover and gave me a full refund. They stated that they were unaware of the potential problem and were pleased that I had brought it to their attention. I did look over their Amazon website description and would suggest they add this potential issue depending on size of bike and cover to the description. Cheers
I have the same cover on my motorhome, but with such a large vehicle the covered bikes don't block the brake/turn lights.

I'd like to make two recommendations:
1. A cargo net makes wrapping the cover a lot easier.
Note that this is Amazon Canada

2. You could install a set of turn/brake lights on your bike carrier. I used a set of these to tow my 1974 VW Thing behind my motorhome.
Again, these are Canadian prices.

If your vehicle has an electrical connector for a trailer installing a set of lights would be a relatively easy task. Having to install a wiring kit would be a bit more complicated.
Can you please explain how to use the cargo net to wrap the bike cover while driving, to stop it billowing in the wind?