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stromer st1 platinum

I just intall a new display because the origiinal sometimes was not starting at all and was necessary to remove the small battery inside just to reset.

the new one after a perfect small ride yesterday ,today at start was showing 0% of battery then by himself start to show the correct one .

then riding the bicicle i got assistance by the motor till 25 km/ as a standard pedelec.
i then try to move the parameter of the diameter of the tyre .
then i take out the main big battery then i test and it was ok.
a difference by the old display is still present: when i use the back brake this display doesn show anything the previous one was showing recup 2.

anyone had similar problems?

thank you very much and sorry for my english.
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I have been having the same problem. Sometimes the controller will not display at all or when it does it's showing incorrect battery levels. Also sometimes shows it's in "recoup" mode when it's not but the pedaling with assist seems normal no matter what the display is showing.
Not sure what your comment (i then try to move the parameter of the diameter of the tyre .) means. I will post my future results if you will do the same. I just had mine in the shop and they could not find anything wrong.


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i was meaning that i reset the diameter of the tyre inside the display . i don't remember the code to do that.
at the moment seems to work properly . the only one problem is a wrong status of the battery when i switch on the display. then i turn it off and then is ok.
0001 time
0002 wheel diameter in inches - 2075 default for 26"
0003 km/mile - 0/1
0004 Change Password
1003 DO NOT CHANGE !!!!! (Factory setting torque sensor)
1004 Sensor sensitivity (default 50) - I set to 90 to save time commuting
1005 Boost mode - 1 on / 2 off
1006 Move mode
1008 option for changing the password
1009 Recup Enable mode
1991 - lockout: hold power for 2 seconds to activate
2000 Release Info
2001 Revision Info
3773 speed limit - higher number will increase the top speed the pedal assist works.
3775 - increase top speed of boost mode

9999 - resets odometer and factory settings

Keep me up to date on how your display is acting in the future and I will do the same.