Problem with Gen 2 on Haibike


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Update: After speaking with Bosch, Motor (Drive unit) needs to be replaced, after 5000 miles. (Selling off a bike to have the local Trek store do so.)

My haibike (2015-2016 XDuro RX29 w/gen 2 w/ Intuvia controller with fresh firmware update - which didn't affect problem. (They cleared the error and it has returned, so apparently it wasn't old firmware.) drops an error 500 in all modes when downshifting while slowing to stop under power. If you don't downshift - just stay in same gear, no problem. Also, a reboot clears up the problem...until next time. (seems cadence related?) Does this sound familiar, or anyone with the same issue, and is there a resolution anyone has found?
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I assume since you mentioned firmware that the dealer already cleared the error(s) and it came back?