Problems with 2015 Turbo S Display Battering dying...


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My only frustration with my 2015 Turbo S is that the battery of the display module keeps eating batteries (the 2032 flat cells). I first noticed this in the early days of owning the bike.... The display would be fine when riding , but wouldn't hold the time of day or distance units (miles) between rides. After a bit of head scratching I figured out it was that the display module's battery was dead. I shrugged and replaced it. All was fine for about 5 days... then it was dead again. I replaced it again, and then started to disconnect the module when the bike is powered off (I figured maybe there was a ground short somewhere when the bike was off and not charging. That *seemed* to work for a while... but now (after another week) the battery is dead again. It seems to get much worse (no display at all) if I keep the module far from the bike (I suspect the ANT connection might try to boost power to pair with the bike and accelerate the battery drain.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Does anyone have any ideas how to correct it?