Problems with controller configuration/operation


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I just finished to complete the mounting of my e-bike which started from scratch. I'm just at the level of motor tests. The controller used is the reference: KT36/48SVPRK-SL02G. The problem is that many wires are unconnected and probably this controller need a further configuration. The fact is that the display screen is OK when turned-on but the assistance is not operating. It is just as maximum from 1 to 5 the same: no assitance but fully electric traction. The throttle and the throttle key are operating well. The motor is well connected and is operating. I have a suspicion on the PAS (?), the brake lever (unless it does not affect the assitance level) and/or the motor Hall sensor cable/connections. In absence of operation manual with a list of known failure, it is almost impossible to remove the fault(s).

Any substential help will be more than welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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PS: I can provide photos or any additive information on request


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