Problems with Specialized Turbo?


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Just found a 2015 Turbo for sale at a local bike shop for $1800 which looks to be a steal. Any reason not to buy it? Want to make sure there isn't something wrong with it that I'm missing. The reviews on EBR are stellar. Thanks!



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I bought one a week or so ago -- new -- and I love it. As long as it seems to be running well, I'd snap it up.

Ann M.

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Is it a demo unit and does it come with a full warranty, not a consignment item, hareforce1? Look on the console and see how many miles have been put on the bike and ask the shop for a few details about the pricing before buying. Could be a good deal if it has the full warranty, maybe not such a good deal if not. Keep us posted!


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If it is a 2015 model I dont think the mileage can be that high. And even if it was at around 3000 miles, for example, that is still nothing. Maybe you need to change the brake pads, maximum. Otherwise the wear is pretty easy to see just by examining the bike. 1800$ is almost for free if it is a Turbo S. Being such new bike there should still be warranty for all parts.