Prodecotech Version 5 Torque Sensor Available


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ProdecoTech BEAMts now available for Samsung Powered E-bikes. ProdecoTech released the Torque Sensor for Version 5 Electric Bikes. The BEAMts is an optional accessory that is easy to install on most all ProdecoTech electric bicycles built since 2012, it’s a pre-configured to plug and play into the Prodeco controller.
My customers can get the customized to operate the way they ride.

Your bike will now provide power without using the throttle, allowing for a more comfortable ride. The torque sensor provides power by pedal assist making long rides more enjoyable. Hitting the red button by the throttle disables the throttle, but the torque sensor is still active.

So, you can have pedal assist/throttle mode or pedal assist only at the touch of a button. You will notice when you shift gears the sensor detects the brief lack of torque. It stops applying power ever so briefly until the gear shift is made, and then it kicks in again.