Prodigy chain ring


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I have a Prodigy ST that has the standard 46 tooth chainring as does the XR. The XC comes with a 42 tooth chainring which makes for a bit lower gearing. For my hilly area the 42 tooth maybe a better fit as I now rarely use the higher gears. I am thinking the 42 tooth ring would allow me to use the center gears more. Now I am mostly using 1-2-3 & 4. My thinking is a smaller chainring would allow me to use 4-5 & 6 more which is a straighter pull on the chain & gearing components ie. easier regarding the wear factor. Has anyone done this and does anyone have an opinion on the viability of changing to a 42 tooth ring. I realize I may loose some top speed but seldom do I ride 28 miles per hour anyway.
By the way this is a sweet ride. Quiet, quiet quiet and a beautiful smooth power delivery. No jerking, surging or motor cutting on and off.