Product reviews from 1859 Northwest. Big thumbs up!

Denis Shelston

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I have bought 2 items from them. I am very happy. Both designed for the Rad Rover ebikes, but working fine on my Teo Fat Bike. I had both shipped to my son's cottage in the US while we were there. Just installed and tried them out on my Teo. Mahvellous!! as Billy Cristal would say.

1. Thumb throttle
Installed is a breeze and it works perfectly with the throttle and shifter we have on the Teo. I tried a few previously and all of them had issues: too big, too wide, would interfere with up-shift lever at the back, or the down-shift lever at the front.... This one is the winner. Looks great too.

2. Battery cap set
I put my bike on a rack at the back of my RV and always remove the battery. The plastic covers are ideal, one protects the connector on the bike, so that no dust or water settle in. The other I put on the battery connector itself, this one is not as critical for me, but hey it helps I'm sure.

Very nice packaging and a classy hand written note with the order..

Just wanted to pass this along if that is something that could be of interest to you.


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Very nice Denis! Both products look like quality items. I was looking at the thumb adapter from their video's a few weeks ago. Now I know it will fit our bikes for sure:) Thanks for posting and let us know how you like it after a few more rides if you don't mind:)


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i have both of these items from them also
they are well made and intend to buy some more for another bike