Propella Tips, Tricks, Hacks, Mods, etc.


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I realized the Propella forum has only one thread, and it's dedicated to problems and issues. So this thread is dedicated to tips, tricks, hacks, mods, etc.


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(This was originally posted in the other thread, but it fits better here.)

The King Meter LCD controller that comes with the Propella has been pre-programmed by Propella to run the basic functions and to limit the top speed of pedal assist. This is normal. But there's not a lot of information on how to use the various features and settings, so as a public service I'll write a little mini-manual below. This definitely applies to the Propella 2.0 and most likely to the 2.2.

Using the LCD display on the Propella e-bike.

ODOMETER: To toggle between odometer and "trip odometer," tap the POWER button.

SPEED: To toggle between speed display settings (current speed, max. speed, or average speed), hold down the UP button. After a few seconds it changes mode. Hold the button again to get to the next mode, etc.

BACKLIGHT: To turn on (and off) the backlight, press and hold the POWER and UP buttons.

WALK MODE: To use "Walk mode," press and hold the DOWN button while walking the bike; the motor moves the bike along at low power, at about 4MPH.

SETTINGS: To go into "settings," hold UP and DOWN buttons for a few seconds. You can then set the time of day, the default pedal-assist setting when you power on, and choose between miles or kilometres. (Use the UP and DOWN buttons to change the values, and use POWER button to move to the next setting.)


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Burning question: How can one elect to edit the speed limit from 18mph to 20mph?

20mph would still meet Washington (and most state's) Class 1 e-bike legal limits, and allow a touch more assistance on the flats.


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I have the v2.2 and was thinking about upgrading the battery but Propella said that would not really do anything for max speed or range. The upgrade is really if you are having issues with your current battery. I finally figured out how to get to the tire size and max speed settings on the King Meter J-LCD. Here is what I did:

Power On
Hold Down/Up to get into basic settings (time, LCD, MPH/KMPH)
Hold Down Power and Up button, this should take you to a new screen with four zeroes at the top and the word PASS at the bottom. This is basically a front end to enter a password to open up the hidden settings
Enter the passcode of 0512 (the internets is a wonderful thing...found this on another site)
You have to enter the numbers one by one in each position by using the down/up buttons and the power to get to next number and when complete, hit the power button.
This should then take you to the wheel size parameter....I kept this at 700c of course.
Hit the power button again and it should show the max speed defaulted to 25kmph (about 15.6mph on my bike). Yours might be 29.
I bumped mine up to the max of 40kmph (25mph) and then hit the power button again to save.
I took it out for a spin, and while I didn't get up to 25mph, I definitely was leveling out around 18mph with minimal effort which is a nice improvement over the 15.6mph. I'm going to experiment with that setting to see if there is a sweet spot to get up to 20mph. The bike felt a lot smoother going up hills as well.

I really love this bike and ride it to work almost every day (about a 18 mile round trip....I recharge at work just to have a full battery, but have done the whole loop on one charge with ease)


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Awesome hack info whiskers85, thanks!
Can't wait to try this out.
Thanks. I confirmed the hack with propella but it looks like my bike will max out at 17.5. It still is better than the 15.6. Here is the info from propella :
The motor is capable of slightly higher speeds, however the controller does not allow higher than 17.5 mph. Anything higher will void the warranty and cause potential damage to the controller/battery system.