Protecting My new bike from Theft


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Hello all,
I am very glad to inform you all that I bought a new bike last Saturday. Since my friend has faced bike theft, I would like to take precaution. I happened to come across an article regarding safety measures to prevent vehicle theft . So I would like to get suggestions from you all on which is the best monitoring system?? How can I protect my bike from burglars??

Jeff Backes

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One of the things you might want to look at is the "Boomerang" it contains a motion sensor, cell phone chip and a GPS.



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I wonder if a small blinking LED up on the stem would dissuade some casual donogooders.


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Theft insurance? Homeowners policies vary in what they cover and where. I hear good things about Velosurance bike insurance. Policy options include theft, liability, and roadside assistance.

We've been playing with the Boomerang. It's working, but inconsistently for us. They say they think it has something to do with our poor cell signal.

Learn the proper way to lock a bike. Two different types of locks are a lot better than one. Avoid cables. Lock security levels are rated. Get about mid-level or higher. If you're concerned, get near top level if you park all day, or in the same spot every day, or in a high risk area. I like U-locks and ABUS folding locks.


I don't have an e bike, but I use a Kryptonite New York lock to secure the back wheel and frame to an immovable and a short thick linked chain to lock the front wheel to the frame.


Court does a good job at explaining the proper -and cheap- way to secure your bike in this video.

1. Lock frame + back-wheel to an immovable post with a U-Lock.
2. Lock front-wheel and seat with cables back to the U-Lock.
Optional: use a small U-Lock for front-wheel to frame or suspension-shock (there's often an arch on top of the shock you can use).

U-Locks are pretty cheap (like USD 30-40 for Kryptonite Orange series on Amazon) and a pain to break fast without noisy power-tools.
The whole idea is to make your bike too much of a hassle to steal vs. other bikes in the area.


Yeah, I know; I was just saying. :) I think with tax, I paid $135 for mine. I love that blue light key. :) I also use a cable, but I didn't mention it, because it's really just for show.


I got my yellow on sale around Christmas, 20% off I think, and quickly registered so that the potential replacement plan would be active. I think it's important to note that while there is a high upfront cost, Kryptonite stands behind their product and will reimburse consumers for their deductibles or the value of the bike.

Yes, they want paperwork proving purchase, police report, etc. They require the defeated lock and pictures of the scene. But if my $2500can bike gets swiped, covering my home hesitance deductible takes some sting away.

An important note: Kryptonite won't cover the battery, so if you can, prevent your battery from being stolen too. I always take mine off when parking.


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I dunno, the lock may be good, but my google fu says the loss guarantee that kyrptonite offers seems spotty at best.


I google about Kryptonite honouring the policy and found reimbursement value was in the hundreds of thousands per year.


I don't know if it's the same in the States as it is in Canada, but it cost me $15 U.S. funds ($22.72 CAD with tax and the cost of the money order) to register with Kryptonite. I'm confident that they would honour their guarantee and I'm also confident in the measures I take to secure my bike.


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I went for a multi-layer security approach with my two Radrovers:

- Boomerang GPS cellular tracker, $200+$50 for 1yr of Verizon coverage. Use smart-phone to arm/unarm and track bike, it has 110db alarm if bike is moved. You get immediate email notification if your bike is moved.

- Xena 18mm U-bar XSU-310, $95-$100, Amazon, this lock can be cheaper than the name brands on eBay with the same thickness and used to secure construction equipment. you have to cut it twice if you need to remove the lock because the U-bar doesn't swing with one cut.

- Xena 14mm XC-14 5 foot chain $85-$95, Amazon, use this to secure the U-bar and chain together

I'm covered automatically with my USAA homeowner's insurance at $500 per incident home or away. I'm not covered for any maintenance issues, still have 7 months left on 1 yr warranty.

I also signed up with my local police department bike registration web-based database and online bike registry sites like:
National Bike Registry:
Bike Index:
Bike registry:

I sometimes use the lock combo to secure both bikes together if the wife and I are out together. I do have a lighter security 12 foot cable+lock because it is very light and easier to use. I use the cable when we need to make a quick stop and the bike is usually in my line of sight (still have the Boomerang also). I use the heavy duty stuff mostly when the bikes are on the vehicle rack or street bike rack unattended for a while.