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Well, it figures someone would invent a sandwich spin-off after getting suckered into buying that company, but Gyros are believed to have originated in Greece. (They're similar to the döner kebabs of Turkey and shawarma of the Middle East, which are slices of meat, rather than a minced loaf.) But they were never mass produced in Europe, according to the gyro magnates ...
Pretty much dried out, severely overcooked Mutton sandwiches (AKA: 'Baaa Burgers' or 'Lamb Leather n' pita pockets').
'Coronel Mao Mao Chicken'. Now that's the real deal.
Finding a new application for a device is not inventing, or 'Gee mum, I cant patent using a paperclip to pick my teeth, or maybe a fence post to hang notices on?'
First gyroscope was in 1812 (by German physicist Johann Bohnenberger), but the invention of the gyroscope is usually attributed to the French physicist Jean-Bernard-Leon Foucault in 1852, but such devices had been produced for at least the preceding three centuries.
Gimbal systems similar to those found in gyroscopes were used on ships to level oil lamps from at least the sixteenth century and the ideas behind armillary spheres date back at least a millennium before that.
In 1912 a Gyroscopic Car was running. A large spinning mass provided the gyroscopic forces to keep the two-wheeled car upright. It never took off but, nearly 100 years later the two-wheeled Segway Human Transporter is a derivative of this conceptual mode of transport.
The Segway PT was developed from the self-balancing iBOT wheelchair which was initially developed at (British) University of Plymouth, in conjunction with (British) BAE Systems and (Japan) Sumitomo Precision Products .
Segway's first patent was filed in 1994 and granted in 1997, followed by others, including one submitted in June 1999 and granted in October 2001 - p
re-Chinese involvement or ownership of Segway.
Jimi Heselden, the 62-year-old British multi-millionaire who scooped up Segway in December 2009, died in September 2010 (after he drove one of the company's 'vehicles' off a 40' cliff and into a river). In April 2015, a Beijing-based transportation robotics startup (and Segway rival) acquired Segway.
Solid state gyroscopes (Silicon).

In 1985 BAS' Vibrating Structure Gyroscope (VSG), the first solid-state 'Coriolis' gyroscope was developed by the company. This new technology paved the way for the present day 3rd, 4th and 5th generation MEMS gyroscopes produced by the company - what the Segway uses. However, in the early 80's, solid-state rate sensors had already begun to infiltrate markets previously controlled by the mechanical sensor.
Fundamentals of operation for each type of sensor are discussed in this paper (circa Feb. 1983) Theoretical and practical operating features of each type and typical specifications for present-day sensors are presented, along with an application for which solid state gyros are ideally suited.
Factually, BAS developed Segway's solid state gyroscopes.
Possibly, the PRC press release, re: 'Segway Gyro inventor has a house in China' is actually a translation problem.
It's: "Lamb flavored Subway Sandwich Imitator has a Food-Stand in China".
Another time where it’s really important to finish reading the whole article. Normally find your stuff all the little dry but this was pretty good
thanks for the laugh

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Another time where it’s really important to finish reading the whole article. Normally find your stuff all the little dry but this was pretty good
thanks for the laugh
'Another time' 🤔, indeed (looking inward). 'Volumes spoken' again.
Certainly satire 🎭, in the best of times/ worst of times - if you can't change it laugh at it.
Hope the season finds you and yours safe and comfortable.