Purchasing a new electric bike


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I have been looking into purchasing a new electric bike. I am 75 years old and weigh 240 pounds. After looking at the reviews on this website, and visiting several local bike shops, I was about to purchase a Dost step through bike. I just saw an email that was telling about the release of the new Level step through. I discounted buying a Lrvel before because they did not have a step through model. The step through level is $1000 less than the Dost drop. I am willing to pay the extra thousand dollars if the components and quality of the Dost Drop is worth the extra money. As I am a novice two electric bikes I would like help in determining whether the Dost drop would still be a better purchase.


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It's up to you, if you don't care about mid drive, then go for the Level.
Hub drives are cheaper.

I know to a lot of people, hub drives are deal breaker.

But I personally prefer hub drive with cadence sensor .. it's all about preference.