Purchasing first e-bike and looking for guidance


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Yep, I'm just another new user on this forum trying to get some advice from a few kind strangers who contribute here.

I've simplified things in bullet format because who needs paragraphs...

About my situation:
  • Used to commute to work with DC's commuter bike system (20 min, 3.5 miles) and loved it
  • Recently moved to Seattle from DC with a much longer and hillier commute (see http://d.pr/i/euHB)
  • I currently don't own a bike (regular nor e-bike)
  • I'm 35 a little over 6' and weigh 140 lb
Bike needs/preferences:
  • Need to attach child carrier (not the trailer kind) so I can drop my son off to preschool at the beginning of my commute
  • Good balance of being lightweight with minimal charging
  • I want to get a decent workout (prefer pedelec over throttle... or both?)
  • Handles wet commutes well (hellooo Seattle!)
  • Can spend as much as $3K but do I really need to?!
Questions on my mind:
  • What's the advantage in buying an e-bike versus purchasing a regular bike and a kit (FlyKly, Copenhagen, BionX)?
  • What are some brands and styles that I should focus on?
  • What are the major trade-offs when considering different bikes?
  • Should I consider buying a cheaper used e-bike first and become more comfortable with them before investing in a new one?
  • Will other bike commuters give me the stink eye when I ride with an e-bike? (First of all, f*** them but I also want to make sure I learn the etiquette and minimize their rage)
I'd appreciate any guidance and insight to help me with my decision-making.


PS. If you live in Seattle, send me a message and let's be friends.
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Ravi Kempaiah

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There is a very nice Ebike shop "Electric Bike seattle" and also Seattle ebike
They carry Easy Motion, Felt, Haibike, Ohm and Focus bikes [ all good brands].
If you test ride some of them you will be in a much better position to decide..

Something with quick release wheels (for attaching trailer), fenders ( commute during rainy reason), integrated lights (must for any conditions), larg-ish battery.

Take a look at OHM XU 700, Felt Sport-e, Haibike Trekking RX and Easy Motion Eco Wave/City and also Easy Motion Nitro City. All of these are good options for commuting and can be test ridden at those shops.


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Sup man, welcome to the club. As you may have already figured out, most of your general questions have been answered with in other sections of this forum. Trust me, do the leg work and research as much as you can to learn about eBikes. It'll pay off in the end.

So regarding your commuter/ child carrier bike needs... I'd suggest you check out the Yuba bikes. Here and Here. They probably make the best "Cargo" bike that you can actually sit your kid on comfortably and some panniers.

Ps. Don't buy a STROM, at lest not yet. Lots of hype on that bike, but little to nothing has been confirmed. So it's a gamble.


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  • "What are some brands and styles that I should focus on?" The largest companies that have been mentioned repeatedly (here and on other sites) and around for a substantial number of years. Style is going to be driven by your needs. If you are going to get a child carrier, the type that sits in front of you, get that first and check out the minimum distance you will need between the bikes stem and your saddle. You don't want to be cramped.


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I'm thinking of buying a Neo Cross Commuter (http://electricbikereview.com/easy-motion/neo-cross/). A local store has some demos available for $2000 (retails for about $2800). Thoughts?
That sounds like a decent deal to me, will they honor the warranty for you? Sometimes if a battery has been sitting for 1+ years the cells begin to degrade and capacity is reduced (range will be less). If they've kept the battery from discharging and are friendly and convenient for you, my opinion is that the Neo Cross is a solid ebike. For ~$1,000 more you could get the new Evo Cross with a better motor cable design, larger battery and easier charging but is it worth it to you? http://electricbikereview.com/easy-motion/evo-cross/


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Bill good luck with your new life on the left coast. Like to hear about your impressions of Seattle. Only been there in winter and loved the mild weather. Mt Baker is nearby with good skiing for kids and intermediate skiers.

An enthusiast group on Facebook called Endless Sphere has a lot of knowledgeable folk.. There's a guy in Seattle (Bellevue?) who could really give you some sound advice.

Have fun!

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