PW-X motor clicking


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Hi folks, i have an ALLMTN 2.0 which i absolutely love but i have a clicking noise coming from my motor & have written Haibike support but no response after several days. Im pretty mechanically inclined but don't want to void the warranty but im starting to think i may have to break this motor down myself.

A helpful guy at performancelinebearings suggested it could be a broken tooth on the plastic drive gear. He says if I find that to be the case I could find the part in the US but I've had no luck finding any pwx parts or even full replacement motors in the US. Does anybody know where to buy parts in the US? Or anywhere online for that matter?

Also has anybody had this motor clicking issue? It basically only clicks when using assist & the more assist I apply the louder it gets. Pedaling with no motor assist is perfectly quiet.

Thanks for any advice you can provide. I've even considered another Haibike as a spare while I rebuild this one as I hate downtime but finding a lot of 2019 inventory sold out for my size medium. (I actually like the 2019 line much more than 2020.)


Lydia M.

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Hmm that's interesting, I haven't experienced the clicking stuff myself, but I hope you find a solution. The guy's explanation makes sense, though.