Q- For Battery experts out there !


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Does anyone know what type of Samsung battery the 604wh BH pack is Using ? THE 48volts x12.6amps one.

There is also the 36x16.8 amps pack , if you know this one , i’d be interested as well.

My Grin Satiator can charge the 48volt pack Up to 56.6volts it looks like.

At 57volts , it gives error message “Voltage too high” , that is coming from the BMS.
Usually a 48volt would need a max. Of 54.6v but then it depends on the batteries used.

Earlier after i had it charged to 56.6volts (display showed 90% ) the Nitro was going 33-34mph in pas 3/4 , i did have a huge tailwind but even so, i rode many times before with wind like that and max. Was 32mph.

Would that higher voltage be solely responsible for the increased speeds ?
At either PAS level the speeds were higher them normal.
Ex. -Pas 1 was doing 23/24mph when normally it does 21/22mph

2 of the reasons wanted to know the cell type:

- once i know the type of Samsung cell used i can calculate max. SAFE charging voltage correctly.
- and also i could make my own pack in the future by getting my own better and latest cells.