Q: My first ebike build, Bafang BBSHD ??


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Semi-Newbie here, hope this is posted in the correct section. I'm doing my my first ebike build, using (2) old school Jamis MTB's and the Bafang BBSHD kit. I've watched a bunch of videos and googled a bit, hoping to get some final advice before I start.

- I already have high quality conventional hand tools, but NO bike tools. Looks like Luna has the lowest priced "ebike" kit, which gives me most of what I need. I'm guessing at $39, the tools are "Harbor Freight" quality, but hoping I don't have to use them much. Any better kits out there? Or should I just get individual bike tools, since I already have all the regular tools that I need? https://lunacycle.com/luna-cycle-ebike-tool-kit/

- The Bafang kit comes with the standard installation wrench...but one thing I've heard mentioned online (and one instructional video) is that some people have trouble getting the BB bolt tight enough with the supplied Bafang tool. I'm only doing (2) bikes, but is it worth getting the $55 (ouch) Luna socket? https://lunacycle.com/bafang-mid-drive-installation-tool-kit
It's spendy, but I could get a proper grip on the nut and use a torque wrench if necessary.

- Chain Line: Read a lot about using the proper front chain ring (or motor spacers) to get a good chain line with the rear cassette. Should me chain line target be the middle sprocket of the rear cassette?

- Is there such a thing as an acceptable & cheap bike stand? The YAHEETECH stand ($55 on Walmart and $72 on Amazon) get decent reviews, but I'm sure the weight of an ebilke only magnifies the flimsiness of the stand....Any better suggestions?

- Wire management: Bundle up and zip tie? Or cut to proper length, butt splice, and hear shrink for a clean installation?

- Brake sensors or NO brake sensors? We'll be doing a combo of street, trails, and a tiny bit of technical riding. I grew up on dirt bikes, so Im thinking maybe I don't need the brake cutoffs for myself?....but maybe a desirable safety feature for my wife? I'm assuming the levers that come with the bafang kit are less than stellear...Has anyone had any luck adapting brake sensors to their existing brake levers? (in this case older Deore XT)

- I'm sure it comes down to personal preference, but is there a consensus view on throttles? First guess is left side with "included" Bafang throttle, since the front derailleur shifter can be removed....BUT I grew on on motorcycles, so will be expecting my throttle on the right hand. Any feedback on the half-twist throttles? (My knees are bad, hence the ebike, so I suspect I will use the throttle a lot)

Thanks to all...any other advice or first timer tips would be appreciated !
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You may want to post this in the DIY thread (near bottom of Forums page). You ask good questions and I've had a few of the same.